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The biennial contemporary art exhibition Personal Structures, organised by the European Cultural Centre (ECC) in Venice, welcomes visitors from the 20th of April until the 24th of November, 2024 in the historical venues of Palazzo Bembo, Palazzo Mora and Marinaressa Gardens. Considering the complex dynamics of our global society, Beyond Boundaries was chosen as the guiding title of the seventh edition of the group show. Exhibitors explore their identities looking at their cultural backgrounds as well as through the lens of gender. Central stage is given  to research and education and to the current discourse on climate change and sustainability. Spirituality, rituals and afterlife are highlighted, and the dialogue on nature and non-human beings is one of the focuses in the exhibition.

Through paintings, sculptures, installations, and performances, exhibiting artists navigate the intricate current global landscape, offering insights that extend beyond the conventional and open pathways to new conversations. The exhibition becomes a testament of the richness that arises when diverse voices converge.

More than 200 artists and multidisciplinary creatives from 51 countries

The protagonists of this year’s group show are renowned as well as emergent international multimedia artists, photographers, sculptors, performers along with art and academic institutions, who articulate their visions, reflections, and responses to the multifaceted aspects of today’s society.

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Personal Structures

Since 2011, Personal Structures has been organised every two years by the European Cultural Centre in its venues in the heart of Venice. The biennial exhibition documents the diversity of contemporary art today, featuring different expressions from artists that break away from any ideological, political and geographical barriers.

The project Personal Structures was born in 2002 as an open platform where artists could present their work and thoughts by means of exhibitions, symposia and publications. It was created as a reaction to non-subjective art, to the emerging trend of art without the touch of the artist; a non-personal approach. In response to this impersonalisation of artworks, the European Cultural Centre’s founder and artist René Rietmeyer imagined a project that, on the opposite, states that every artwork, even the most minimalist work, is made intrinsically with a part of the artist’s consciousness, and is thus, somehow, personal.

Exhibition Venues

Our exhibitions take place in the historical venues of Palazzo Bembo and Palazzo Mora and the two public outdoor spaces of Marinaressa Gardens. Visit our iconic spaces in Venice and explore them through virtual tours.

Palazzo Mora

Strada Nova 3659
Cannaregio 30121

Palazzo Bembo

Riva del Carbon 4793
San Marco 30124

Marinaressa Gardens

Riva dei Sette Martiri
Castello 30122

Digital Catalogue

Want to discover more about Personal Structures 2024? Download the exhibition Digital Catalogue for a deep insight. For press inquiries and Press Release please visit the Press page.

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Personal Structures on Film

Every year our project is enhanced by a series of videos which delve into our values.

Meet our team and hear what the exhibitors have to say about us and their experiences in Venice. Find out how our exhibitions and activities have developed through the years and what happens behind the scenes at the European Cultural Centre.

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