Sonja VishnudArt

When looking at Sonja VishnudArt’s sculptures, you are entering a completely different world of perception. You are offered a window to the deepest emotions and feelings, which are crystallised in exuberant bronzes. The Artist gives expression of ineffable perceptions, in which she draws on her own experiences. Her perspective and view of the world of the subconscious mind is unique thanks to her overwhelming cultural background. Having roots of India, being raised in South America and having lived in different European countries, is giving a particular flavour to her Art works. She is mixing tantric and sanguine emotions and translates them through sculptures, who seem always in motion. This is Art touching all your senses and your soul.

  • Section: Sculpture
  • Venues: Palazzo Bembo, Marinaressa Gardens
  • Based in: Oberägeri, Switzerland; Knokke, Belgium
  • Links: Website, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube

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