Sabine Pierick

“Brilliance from the depths – charcoal and real copper transformed into art Working on a global scale, she combines intellect and curiosity by immersing herself in material elements to create form. Her art reflects the fusion of a critical spirit informed by a lifelong exploration of humanity and matter. In light of the finite nature of global resources, she creates a poignant archaic triad in her current work: coal, copper and water. These elements symbolise black gold, blue gold and the thermally conductive semi-precious metal copper. Following her instinct, she seeks to reveal the inherent beauty of the earth by excavating, crushing and patinating these materials before catapulting them into her Pierick universe. Carbon C / atomic number 6. Substance of life.

  • Section: Mixed Media Art
  • Venue: Palazzo Bembo
  • Based in: Dorsten, Germany
  • Link: Website

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