Rachael Mellors

Rachael Mellors intuitively uses ecological processes working with raw and natural materials and re-using personal family objects, embodying sustainability and the circular economy. Her work is time and place specific. Soul Ancestors and Embodied Earth express her immersive sensory encounters with the natural world. The work embodies the primal and transformative energies of the materials and elements she works with. Remembrance has narratives of women’s struggle for independence and self-realisation. Assemblages echo memories and reference ancestral imprinting. Rachael Mellors studied Fine Art at Portsmouth and Ceramics at the Royal College of Art London. Pete Hudson collaborates making film. Her work is published in WHAT’s NEXT? Eco Materialism and Contemporary Art, Linda Weintraub.

  • Section: Mixed Media Art
  • Venue: Palazzo Mora
  • Based in: Falmouth, UK
  • Links: Website, Instagram

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