Patrizia Casagranda

Thanks to her unique style, Patrizia Casagranda has been able to make a name of herself in the international art scene in very short time and has already received many prizes and awards. 

Editor In Chief Fritz Fey


Her compositions have a fascinating depth effect and she uses recycled material as transport boxes, used cupboards and truck tarpaulins. When they are observed from close up, The effect can be compared to the works of the pointillists: The motif looks like an abstract painting consisting of grid points, whose pictorial content is only revealed at a distance. The Bas-Relief, created by the multiple application of paint, recedes into the background favouring the motif, Whereas it dominates when viewed up close. The secret of the luminosity of the artist’s works lies in the pigments she uses. She bought up a 17th-century pigment shop in The Hague, Casagranda says, and is always impressed by the luminosity of these colours. At the same time, she sticks to her way of working on several works simultaneously in order to react spontaneously to change. Sometimes it is a look or an advertisement that inspires her. In addition, she integrates the idea of humanism, peace and love, into her works. The Stuttgart-Born artist once described her creative process as being constantly in motion and development. It seems fitting that constant further development is so significant to her. Perhaps that is what makes her work so lively, Despite the continuous change of themes. 

She especially wants to convey a universal message with the “Fighting for Change” and the “Dots for Change” series, which was mainly created in 2023/24: The idea of humanism, which is based on the concept of equal values, just as much as the world religions ultimately are. She makes clear that “dictators have always instrumentalised religion to legitimise their needs. That is nonsense! All religions have the same values”.

  • Section: Mixed Media Art
  • Venue: Palazzo Mora
  • Based in: Germany, The Netherlands, India
  • Links: Website, Instagram, Facebook

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