Miriam Lenk

At the center of miriam Lenks work is a female archetype, tall and powerful, liberated from all discipline, figurehead for a pantheistic, sensual counterculture after the battle of the sexes: post- patriarchic and post- feminist. It is strengthening the female body image and encouraging women to accept themselves. Lenk sets as her artistic theme an anti-ideal of humanistic bourgeoisie and created a pleasure image of the human body, oscillating between overflowing heaviness and light pleasantness, is both engaging and irritating. These voluminous, feminine, swelling formations of her figures emerge in a climate of contemporary hostility to the flesh, in which the workmanlike, patiently subordinating himself to the fate of political events is booming in Europe.

  • Section: Sculpture
  • Venue: Marinaressa Gardens
  • Based in: Berlin/Bodman, Germany
  • Links: Website, Instagram

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