Judith Unger

Judith Unger studied at RISD where she fell in love with Sculpture. Clay felt so right. Fluid sensuality in her hands. The sensuality she translates into her Sculpture and Drawings. At her Palazzo Mora exhibits, visitors exclaim “thank you for your art” “we’re so glad we are so fortunate to meet you” ” you are a beautiful powerful woman” “The art is so expressive, full of life” “we’re so surprised and delighted” ” beautiful, beautiful message” ” I read about her exhibit and came to specifically see it” “brava brava brava.” Visitors pat their hearts in appreciation. A woman reads her exhibit message on the wall. Speechless, tears stream down her face,”YOU GIVE ALL WOMEN COURAGE” Drawing and Sculpting are essential to her existence. Her Art helps makes positive changes in the world.

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