Gottfried Kumpf

Gottfried Kumpf, painter and sculptor
November 29, 1930 Annaberg/Salzburg
+ September 5th, 2022 Vienna
In addition to studying medicine, Kumpf attended the art academy and soon devoted himself exclusively to painting and sculpture. Since 1956 he has been creating oil paintings, drawings, watercolors, gouaches, lithographs, etchings and sculptures in all sizes as a freelance artist. Architecture, stage sets, book illustrations and postage stamps are also among his works. Kumpf’s paintings and sculptures have been exhibited internationally in Europe, Asia and the USA. Gottfried Kumpf died unexpectedly in September 2022 while working on new paintings and sculptures. His extensive work is supervised by his muse and great love, Guni Kumpf, to whom he was married for 40 years.

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