Gabriela Drees-Holz

Born 1955; german-, roman-, geography- and art studies, University Cologne, Alanus University Bonn; teaching in High School for 35 years; 2012 founding and management of Kunsthaus Dreho in Korschenbroich; Member of BBK (Association Fine Artists) and Sculpture Network; since 2018 specialized on Aluminum-Coffee-Capsule-Art; participation in climate symposia of universities, climate-weeks; several international prizes and awards; exhibitions worldwide; gallery representation Outdoorart (Juni 2022).

The German artist Gabriela Drees-Holz shows an impressive large-format object entitled Encapsulated Universe on the environmental theme.

With this aluminum coffee capsule object – as with all her fantastic capsule objects – the artist develops an imaginative and life-affirming alternative use of the capsules, which brings light and shine to any room and puts a smile on the viewer’s face.

The work of art immediately fascinates with its intensely shiny metallic colors and its upwardly curved forms. On closer inspection, what appears to be a stone mosaic on the outside turns out to be a colorful and lively mosaic of countless aluminum coffee capsules folded into blossoms. The inside of the “U” is reminiscent of a silver nest, formed from the used silver bases of the capsules and isolated capsule bands. It is the base, from the center of which five long flower stalks decorated with capsule flowers grow in all directions beyond the “U”. This open arch also hints at the seemingly endless uses of these beautiful capsules. The capsule-tipped arrows grow like flowers in all directions, transporting their colorful imaginative cargo even into the universe. The entire object has a certain fragility, based on the sensitive environmental issue of aluminum production.

The artist loves to work with a variety of materials, techniques and themes, experimenting with new ideas and developing her own techniques.

She has been working with aluminum coffee capsules for 6 years. Dress-Holz emphasizes that she is fascinated by the material, the metallic colors and the different capsule shapes, their easy workability and great durability.

Gabriela Drees-Holz lovingly creates her convincing, imaginative and cheerful works of art with impressive skill, perseverance and patience.

Note on the materials used: The artist has intensively tested the additional materials used for quality and durability. According to the product description, all materials used are water and sun resistant. Due to its fragility, however, the object should be protected from air movement.

  • Section: Mixed Media Art
  • Venue: Palazzo Bembo
  • Based in: Korschenbroich, Germany
  • Links: Website, Instagram