Edward Bekkerman

Since the late eighties and for more than thirty-five years, Edward Bekkerman (B. 1958) has explored the other-worldly through figuration, abstraction, and a conscious and subconscious play between both. Inspired by all that is spiritual, from angels and flowers to guardians, spirits, and dreams, his themes and fantastical compositions, drawn from other dimensions with coexisting realistic and abstract elements, create a visual language and imaginary landscape entirely his own, eliciting a sense of wonder at his sacred worlds, totems, dynamic, reverent, hidden worlds. His oeuvre resists categorization, the use of free association and allusive symbolism enhances the rawness of his mythology, and his use of color and complex painterly techniques only reveal themselves at close inspection.

Edward Bekkerman received artistic training at the Arts Students League, New York. Edward Bekkerman participated in a group exhibition entitled Talent, at the Alan Stone Gallery, NY and traveling exhibition entitled Jesus Christ in Christian Art and Culture.

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