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The Public Exchange Bureau at Deakin University brings together leading researchers from a diversity of creative disciplines in four research streams: Public Art, Place and Community, Design and Place, and Performance and Social Context. While art produced outside of galleries, museums and theatres is expanding its form and value, transforming both public and private spheres, governments and organisations alike are seeking specialist knowledge to strengthen community ties and help determine the role the creative arts play in shaping our environment. Our expert and multi-skilled group leads practice, dialogue, production and advocacy in the public realm and investigates what happens in that moment of exchange, when practice-led research is revealed to the world across a multitude of forms.

Artist List:

1. Dean De Landre, Hayley El-liot-Ryan, Simon Grennan, Donna McRae Group
2. Kate Hunter, Katie Lee, Luigi Vescio, Annette Wagner Group
3. Victoria Duckett, Olivia Millard, Emily Potter, Katy Morrison Group
4. Tania Blackwell, Dan Koop, Sean Loughrey, Rebecca Gerrett-Magee Group
5. Merophie Carr, Luke Heemsbergen, Stephen Hennesy An-nie Wilson, Group
6. Briony Kidd, Tonya Meyrick, Martin Potter, Wyndham Artist

Curators Cameron Bishop and David Cross Deakin University, Australia; Public Exchange Bureau; Deakin University

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