Art Night 2024 at Palazzo Mora

Discover works by international artists and join a unique participatory performance

The European Cultural Centre is pleased to take part in the 13th edition of Art Night Venezia, organised and promoted by Ca’ Foscari University in collaboration with the City of Venice. To celebrate the special event, on Saturday 22nd of June, the contemporary art exhibition Personal Structures - Beyond Boundaries will be open until 20:30 at Palazzo Mora.

During the evening, the public will have the opportunity to join the participatory performance Kurogo Me version 1.x: A Sequel by Izumi Ashizawa, Associate Professor of Devising Theatre and Performance Art at Stony Brook University.

The Press Kit is downloadable at the following link.


Art Night at Palazzo Mora

18:00 - 20:30

Discover the seventh edition of Personal Structures titled Beyond Boundaries. The exhibition is intended to be viewed as a journey through different themes and dynamics. It encourages exploration beyond boundaries, fostering a broader perspective, and overcoming restrictions to promote personal, social, and global growth. More than 200 renowned as well as emerging international multimedia artists, photographers, sculptors, and performers, along with art and academic institutions and galleries, converged in Venice to articulate their visions, reflections, and responses to the multifaceted aspects of today’s society.


Kurogo Me version 1.x: A Sequel

19:00 - 20:00 

Join the participatory performance by Japanese artist and practitioner Izumi Ashizawa. Kurogo Me version 1.x: A Sequel reframes the traditional Japanese theatre, video game avatar, and live participatory theatre. In Japanese traditional theatre genres of Bunraku puppetry and Kabuki, Kurugo is the figure on stage that is dressed completely in black and functions as a support for the on-stage characters. In both these 400-year-old traditional theatre types, women have not been permitted to perform professionally on stage. Ashizawa has been developing and evolving the Kurogo character since 2019, playing it in different ways and contexts.

Art Night 2024 at Palazzo Mora

Discover works by international artists and join a unique participatory performance

18.00 — 20.30

  • Event: Performance
  • Venue: Palazzo Mora
  • Presence: In-person

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